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our history

EverSeal Coatings was founded on a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, high-quality flooring systems, family values, a strong work ethic, and a firm belief and trust in God. We are a family founded and operated business that has been in the construction sector for nearly 30 years and in the floor coatings market since 2007. Furthermore, as a Lifesong Impact company, we believe in doing business to make an impact worldwide.

EverSeal got its start in epoxy garage floors in our hometown but over the years we have grown our services to include all types of industrial epoxy flooring: silikal flooring, urethane cement, mma flooring, polyaspartics, urethane floor systems, and polished concrete. 

As we graduated from a small garage floor contractor to a premier industrial and commercial flooring installer, we began to expanded our service area. From a small epoxy outfit in our hometown in central Illinois we grew to servicing industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities all throughout the US



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Originally, our family firm offered new home construction and general contracting, and we have been in the construction sector since the 1990s. As the housing market began to deteriorate, our family realized it was time to specialize our line of work. We began doing decorative concrete and garage epoxy work at that time. We have been fine-tuning what we do since 2007 and have grown into Chicagos most trusted industrial and commercial floor coatings contractor.

Remember, at EverSeal, we understand what it means to be a family, which is why you can rely on us to provide the greatest quality service while treating your business as if it were our own.

Expanded History of Everseal Coatings over the years. 

Everseal Coatings was founded by Pat Ugolini in the late 2000s. His sons Patrick and Nic, were in high school at the time and worked with Pat prepping garage floors and doing epoxy projects in Central Illinois. The trio formed the core of Everseal’s team from the beginning, and after college Patrick and Nic took over business development efforts and helped Everseal move into industrial and commercial resinous flooring projects.

Everseal was initially focused on epoxy garage floors but later began pursuing larger and more specialized projects. They were able to get their foot in the door in a growing restaurant chain that required a specialty mma (methyl methacrylate) coating in the restaurant’s kitchen. 

Everseal then began working with mma’s, urethane cements, and eventually with Silikal flooring and this opened the door to larger scale projects throughout Chicago and even across the midwest, especially in the food and beverage sector. 

At the time Patrick was still in college and Nic was leading Everseal crews and heading business development efforts while Pat managed all the operations and even helped install on projects. Nic quickly realized it was the best direction for the company to exclusively learn the industrial and commercial resinous coatings space, build strong partnerships with high quality coatings material manufacturers, and for the company to fully immerse themselves in all things specialty floor coatings in order to make the jump from epoxy garage floor company to highly specialized install contractor. They began pursuing work in facilities that had higher demand for quality flooring and specifically in industrial food production areas, commercial kitchens, commercial coolers and freezers, and they became experts at mma’ flooring systems, Silikal flooring, urethane cement installations, and larger scale and more specialized epoxy projects.

Eventually Patrick graduated from college and took on full time business development roles which allowed them to further pursue industrial and commercial facilities in need of a more specialized contractor.

Everseal has continued to build a reputation on industry expertise and longevity of floor systems and today Everseal is established as Chicagoland’s leading resinous coatings installers. We have strong partnerships with all applicable industry leading manufacturers as well as many prominent brands in the food production, restaurant, and beverage industry that we have services for years.

In 2018 Everseal partnered with Lifesong impact, an impact investment organization focused on doing business with a mission specifically providing adoption care, orphan care, and other impact initiatives worldwide. Prior to the Lifesong partnership, Everseal was already working closing with an orphanage in east Africa that cared for orphans, provided community outreach feeding and housing orphans, widows, elderly, as well as managing rural health clinic, overseeing sustainable farming initiatives, and participating in micro investment projects in rural Kenya. The similarities in mission, focus, and values, made Everseal and Lifesong a great match. Since 2018 Everseal has been managed and operated by the Ugolini family as a Lifesong Impact company. It allowed Everseal Coatings increased ability to make an impact worldwide while continuing to provide high quality specialized floor coatings to clients across the US.

Today Everseal continues to focus on customer satisfaction, customized floor coatings solutions, and most of all making a positive impact because of the way we do business.

Lifesong Impact

EverSeal is a Lifesong Impact Company. Lifesong finances adoptions, orphan care, sustainable economic initiatives, education initiatives, and all types of impact initiatives in the United States and abroad. Everseal beleives in making a positve impact in our community and across the world when possible and we are proud to be a lifesong impact company. Everseal exists to make a positive impact on the world around us at the same time that we are providing our customers with high quality and high performance flooring solutons.

Learn more at lifesongimpact.com

Our Team

EverSeal Coatings is a family run business. Our dedication to quality distinguishes us, and we will continue to emphasize customer satisfaction as we provide you with the highest quality flooring solutions available and strive to make the world  around us a better place.