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Excellence in Institutional Flooring at Everseal Coatings

At Everseal Coatings, we deliver institutional flooring solutions that seamlessly merge the durability of industrial coatings with the visual appeal required for the institutional environment. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our institutional coatings are not only long-lasting but also of the highest quality.

Aesthetic Durability for Institutional Settings

In institutional environments, which encompass schools, healthcare facilities, churches, government buildings, and municipal buildings, the demand is for flooring solutions that not only look impressive but can also withstand the test of time. We excel in providing flooring options that enhance the aesthetics of the space while delivering functional and durable floors that cater to the specific requirements of the institution.

Creating and Maintaining Clean, Hygienic Spaces

Institutions are committed to maintaining clean and hygienic environments, critical for the health and safety of their occupants. Schools, healthcare facilities, and municipal buildings necessitate seamless, easy-to-clean, and low-maintenance flooring solutions to foster sanitary and safe spaces. Our institutional floor coatings are thoughtfully designed to meet these exacting standards, making them the perfect fit for a wide spectrum of institutional environments.

Customized Solutions for Varied Needs

Different institutions come with their unique prerequisites and industry regulations. Be it a school, healthcare facility, church, or government building, our institutional flooring can be fully customized to adhere to specific standards, ensuring compliance and safety. Recognizing that a uniform approach doesn’t fit the bill for institutions, we provide bespoke solutions that align with the particular needs of each environment.

Balancing Durability and Visual Appeal

Our institutional floor coatings are designed to offer the perfect match of durability and visual appeal. Our range of options includes flake, quartz, metallic, and neat finish choices, combined with the material line that best fits the specific function of that specific institutional environment.

Beyond Conventional Flooring Solutions

Everseal Coatings goes above and beyond traditional institutional flooring options like tile, vinyl tile, and carpet. Our institutional flooring systems are tailor-made using industrial epoxies, polyaspartics, and urethane topcoats, ensuring durability is never compromised, cleanability is promoted, and maintenance costs are minimal 

High-Traffic Institutional Environments

For high-traffic institutional environments like firehouses, township buildings, veterinary clinics, and operating rooms, our top recommendations include Silikal and urethane cement options. These choices are renowned for their chemical resistance, extreme durability, and their capability to meet the demands of even the most challenging institutional flooring environments.

The Ultimate Flooring Solution for Institutions

Whether it’s an educational institution, a healthcare facility, a municipal building, an institutional maintenance facility, a fire station, or a police station, there’s no better flooring solution than a Everseal Coatings institutional flooring system. We grasp the unique challenges and requirements of each institution, and our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that the right flooring solution, blending durability, visual appeal, and longevity, is provided every time.

Trust Everseal Coatings to be your partner in institutional flooring, offering the perfect harmony of aesthetics and durability. We understand the importance of maintaining clean and hygienic spaces in institutions and provide seamless, low-maintenance flooring solutions to meet these needs. Our customization options guarantee that the unique requirements of each institution are met, while our wide range of materials and finishes allows institutions to choose the ideal combination of visual appeal and functionality for their space.

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Chad Kirkbride
Chad Kirkbride
We use Everseal Coatings for all of our Acrylic flooring needs.
Luke Gudeman
Luke Gudeman
I would recommend this company for concrete floor sealing. We have our production facility and warehouse sealed and are very happy with the quality of the work.
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson
Everseal Coatings did a fantastic job at our plant . Very impressive on productivity and held the time line during our shutdown. Would recommend them to any company that needs a heavy duty commercial floor
Chip Allenbaugh
Chip Allenbaugh
Great company to work with. They did a nice job. I would highly recommend them.
Brian Vowell
Brian Vowell
We use them for all of our Panda Express Silikal floors. Great service and quality work!

OUR Quality Control Pledge

Everseal Coatings and our certified partners are committed to the highest standard of quality in the floor coatings industry.

We take great care to understand the needs of the specific environment, working conditions, and performance requirements of clients’ facility. This ensures that we can customize the concrete preparation, floor system design, material makeup, and installation details of the floor coating system your facility needs. 

Everseal Coatings works with best in class local contractors and also utilizes a quality control team that provides additional floor system design, project management support, and installation expertise which draws on nearly 20 years of industrial and commercial floor coatings expertise. Everseal Coatings ensures your needs are understood, the right floor is customized for your area, the right crew is assigned to your project, and that all the pieces necessary for a successful flooring system come together on your project.

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