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Quality standard commitment and expectations

Everseal installation teams and certified partners are dedicated to giving floor coatings clients the best floors available in the industry.

Everseal partners with local installers across the nation who have the highest commitment to floor coatings excellence. We are expanding our search for installation partners who match Everseal’s dedicated to floor coatings excellence.

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Our mission

Everseal’s mission is to raise the standard of quality in the floor coatings industry across America.

We believe that by identifying and supporting the best local installers in all service areas across the country we can improve the industry as a whole and ensure that high quality contractors have the support, resources, and strategic partnership’s they need to install more floors, and ultimately raise the bar for the coatings industry.

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Certified Partners receive project support, consulting, project management, and installation assistance on a project-by-project basis.

We are here to help you generate leads, succeed on projects, sustainably grow, and to increase the overall quality of the floor coatings industry by ensuring that the standard of excellence is raised on thousands of projects across the country.

OUR Quality Control Pledge

Everseal Coatings and our certified partners are committed to the highest standard of quality in the floor coatings industry.

We take great care to understand the needs of the specific environment, working conditions, and performance requirements of our clients’ facility. This ensures that we can customize the concrete preparation, floor system design, material makeup, and installation details of the floor coating system that Everseal Coatings’s certified installation partners install.

Everseal Coatings works with best in class local contractors and also utilizes a quality control team that provides additional floor system design, project management support, and installation expertise which draws on nearly 20 years of industrial and commercial floor coatings experience. This ensures your needs are understood, the right floor is customized for your area, the right crew is assigned to your project, and all details necessary for a successful flooring system are considered.

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