At Floor Coatings Contractor, our journey in the world of floor coatings began with a humble yet enduring focus on epoxy garage floors. We’ve since expanded into industrial and commercial projects, utilizing high-performance coatings on a grand scale. But, no matter how far we’ve come, our roots in garage floor coatings remain an essential part of who we are. In this blog, we’ll explore our beginnings, our enduring love for garage floor projects, and why our commitment to excellence has made us a nationwide leader in garage floor transformations.

A Nostalgic Start in the Early 2000s:

In the early 2000s, we ventured into the world of epoxy garage floors. These residential projects were our initial foray into the world of floor coatings, and they hold a special place in our hearts. Over time, we have grown exponentially, serving larger industrial and commercial environments. Yet, we never forgot where we began.

Residential vs. Commercial and Industrial Projects:

The preparation for commercial and industrial projects is vastly different from that of residential garage floors. Everything from the equipment used to the materials, the size of trailers, and the grinders and vacuums differ substantially. However, working with homeowners on garage floors offers a change of pace, and there’s immense satisfaction in knowing that we’ve contributed to a high-quality garage renovation.

The Unique Pleasures of Garage Floor Coatings:

Working on garage floor projects is a unique experience. These residential projects require a different set of skills and materials, and it’s a refreshing change from the large-scale industrial work we often tackle. Our certified contractor group ensures that we maintain our quality control standards, delivering high-quality garage floor installations nationwide.

Epoxy and Polyaspartic: The Garage Floor Heroes:

Epoxy and polyaspartic coatings are our go-to options for garage floors. These materials provide exceptional durability, and we often complete projects in as little as one or two days. We take immense pride in installing garage floors that are built to last as long as your home stands.

Transforming Your Garage Space:

Our expert teams can do more than just install garage floors. We can repair damaged surfaces, correct sloping and puddling issues, and transform your garage into a space that feels like a new room in your home. Our flake floors with high-performance urethane or polyaspartic topcoats offer a blend of visual appeal, decorative improvement, and long-lasting, durable coatings.

Durable, Long-Lasting Garage Floors:

Our garage floors are built to last. We’ve got installations from the early 2000s that haven’t even required a top coat re-application yet. While the materials we use have evolved, our commitment to quality and meticulous processes remains the same. We install top-quality, industrial-grade floor coating systems in your garage, and our commitment to durability ensures that your floors will endure for years to come.

America’s Most Trusted Source for Floor Coatings:

We take pride in the fact that we’re quickly becoming America’s most trusted source for floor coatings installation. Whether it’s garage floors, industrial coatings, commercial projects, or institutional facilities, our dedication to high-performance flooring solutions remains unwavering.


At Floor Coatings Contractor, our journey in the world of floor coatings started with epoxy garage floors, and our love for these projects still burns bright. With the best materials, expertise, and a commitment to quality, our garage floors are the heaviest duty, most durable, and longest-lasting systems available. We take immense pleasure in knowing that our customers’ garage floors can withstand anything they throw at them, and we’re proud to be the trusted source for floor coating installations across America. Your garage can become more than just a parking space; it can be transformed into a beautiful, enduring space with our epoxy and polyaspartic garage floor solutions.

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