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Everseal Coatings’s commercial floor coatings add value to your facility and enhance the look and feel of your space. Our floor systems outlast and surpass traditional commercial flooring options such as tile, carpet, vct, and hardwood. With the low-maintenance, long-lasting flooring systems that we provide there is no need to wax, strip, or buff like other types of commercial options.

In commercial environments we provide epoxy and flake systems such as metallic epoxy’s, non-ambering polyaspartics, uv stable options, and polished concrete flooring. These flooring options give your space the visual appeal that ensures your floor system is better looking, more durable, and much easier to clean than other options.

Everseal Coatings uses silikal flooring systems, urethane cement, and other applications more commonly used in industrial spaces when we are working in high abuse commercial settings like restaurant kitchens or other spaces that have high performance needs and demand a floor that will stand up to any type of traffic.

Our team can customize systems to meet the demands and visual appeal requirements of any commercial area. Whether it is a kitchen, showroom, parking deck, event center, bathroom, pool deck, office space, or any other commercial environment, we have applications for your facility. Everseal Coatings will custom design a floor system to perfectly fit your needs.

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An example of industrial floor coatings in Chicago, IL
An example of industrial floor coatings in Chicago, IL
Polished concrete
An example of industrial floor coatings in Chicago, IL
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