Insights from Pat Ugolini, General Manager of Everseal Coatings, Everseal Coatings Chicago certified installation partner

Quality assurance is a cornerstone of any successful floor coatings project. In an industry that often lacks quality control measures and faces significant disparities in project outcomes, it’s crucial to understand the essential factors that contribute to a successful floor coatings project. Pat Ugolini, General Manager of Everseal Coatings and Chicago’s certified installation partner of Everseal Coatings, shares his expertise in achieving top-notch quality in floor coatings projects.

Understanding Client Needs and Facility Use:

The first step towards ensuring quality in floor coatings projects is understanding the unique needs of the client and the intended use of the facility. Not all floors are created equal, and tailoring the design to meet specific requirements is paramount.

Concrete Preparation:

Proper concrete preparation is a fundamental aspect of quality assurance. Using quality equipment for concrete grinding or shot blasting, along with effective dust collection systems, ensures a clean and suitable surface for coating application. Protecting surrounding and equipment and areas from dust and debris is also essential.

Selecting High-Quality Materials:

Quality starts with the materials used. High-quality materials must be selected to design floors that offer the right slip resistance, durability, visual appeal, and
longevity. Considerations should include factors like chemical resistance and environmental conditions, such as temperature and moisture levels.

Choosing the type of flooring system and material Line:

Selecting the appropriate material line is a critical decision. Different materials have varying installation requirements, and even within a specific category, nuances between manufacturers can exist. Ensuring that the chosen material aligns with the project’s demands is vital.

Skilled Crews and Expertise:

The skill level of the installation crew is another crucial factor. Expertise in handling specific material lines is also essential. A team experienced in polished concrete may not be equipped to install an MMA floor, highlighting the importance of skilled, knowledgeable crews.

Effective Project Coordination:

Quality assurance extends beyond the installation process. Thorough pre-project coordination, including collaboration with the facility, consideration of construction schedules, floor system design, prep work, material handling, and staging, is essential for a successful concrete coating project from start to finish.

Best-in-Class Practices:

Everseal Coatings sets the standard for quality in the industry. Their certified contractors adhere to best-in-class practices and ensure each project’s success.

The Difference Maker:

What sets Everseal Coatings apart is their unwavering commitment to quality. In an industry where corners are often cut and mistakes can be costly, their certified contractors prioritize the right floor design, thorough preparation, and expert project coordination. The result? Floors that meet performance requirements and stand the test of time.

A Wide Range of Resinous Flooring Options:

Everseal Coatings offers a comprehensive line of resinous flooring options, including epoxy, MMA, Silikal, polyaspartic, urethane cements, and polished concrete. This diverse range allows clients to choose the perfect flooring solution for their unique environment.

Quality assurance is the key to achieving success in floor coatings projects. Pat Ugolini and Everseal Coatings, in partnership with Everseal Coatings, demonstrate the importance of meticulous planning, skilled crews, and best-in-class practices. By prioritizing quality, clients can trust that they’ll receive a floor that not only meets but exceeds their expectations, providing long-lasting performance and durability for years to come. Everseal Coatings is quickly becoming America’s most trusted source for top-quality floor coatings projects.

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