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Chicago’s most trusted resinous Everseal Coatings. For all of your Epoxy, Silikal Flooring, Urethane Cement, Polished Concrete, and high performance resinous flooring needs.

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High Performance Resinous Coatings

Everseal Coatings Offers a complete line of resinous concrete coatings. Our services include Industrial Epoxy Coatings, MMA, Urethane Cement, Polyaspartic floor coatings, Polished concrete, Garage floor coatings, and all types of concrete Preparation including shot blasting and diamond grinding. 



Epoxy is the backbone of the floor coatings industry and a workhorse type of material. Epoxy quartz floors are great for heavy-duty environments where durability is needed and epoxy and flake or metallic epoxy systems are great for decorative and durable options.



MMA is one of the most durable and versatile coatings systems in the industry. Acrylic resins are extremely durable and long-lasting and have many high-performance and specialty properties that make them a must-have in high-demand environments.


Urethane Cement

Urethane cement is a highly durable and chemical-resistant type of coating system. It's great in many industrial-type environments and is a long-lasting flooring solution in most high-traffic areas.



Polyaspartic is a fast curing and more chemical-resistant upgrade over epoxy and it has additional high-performance properties that make it a great upgrade over traditional systems in many commercial and industrial environments and is often used in garage floor installations to speed up back-in-service times.


Polished concrete

Polished concrete is a great solution in warehouses, large retail spaces, and commercial spaces. It has all the durability of concrete with an enhanced visual appearance that makes it a flooring solution in and of itself.


Garage Floor Coatings

Garage floor coatings are a very popular way to enhance the look, feel, and functionality of a residential space. Garages are typically comprised of epoxy or polyaspartic vinyl flake broadcast systems. Our garage floors are made with industrial epoxies and polyaspartics, will function like industrial floor coatings, and outperform anything you throw at in in your residential environment.


Concrete Preparation

Concrete preparation is a vital step in any floor coatings system and it can also be useful as a stand-alone service in many industrial and commercial environments before other types of flooring, waterproofing, underlayments, and repairs are done. We typically prep with industrial grinders, shot blasters, or scarifiers depending on the flooring specifications for that project.


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