Silikal Flooring

MMA (methyl methacrylate) flooring is known for its rapid curing time, making it a quick and efficient choice for flooring projects. This flooring type boasts impressive durability and is often used in high-traffic areas such as industrial facilities, hospitals, and commercial kitchens. Its resistance to chemicals, impacts, and abrasions ensures it stands up to tough conditions. MMA flooring is also highly customizable, available in various colors and textures to suit different aesthetics. Whether you require a robust flooring solution for a demanding environment or a speedy installation to minimize downtime, MMA flooring offers a reliable option.

Silikal flooring is synonymous with seamless durability and style. This versatile flooring solution creates a seamless, non-porous surface that is exceptionally resilient and resistant to heavy use, stains, and chemicals. This makes it a preferred choice for industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, and automotive. Silikal flooring is available in a range of colors and finishes, allowing for tailored aesthetics while maintaining exceptional performance. Its ease of maintenance and resistance to wear and tear make it a top choice for spaces that require both functionality and visual appeal. Whether you need to enhance hygiene, safety, or aesthetics, Silikal flooring delivers a high-quality, long-lasting solution.

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OUR Quality Control Pledge

Everseal Coatings and our certified partners are committed to the highest standard of quality in the floor coatings industry.

We take great care to understand the needs of the specific environment, working conditions, and performance requirements of clients’ facility. This ensures that we can customize the concrete preparation, floor system design, material makeup, and installation details of the floor coating system your facility needs. 

Everseal Coatings works with best in class local contractors and also utilizes a quality control team that provides additional floor system design, project management support, and installation expertise which draws on nearly 20 years of industrial and commercial floor coatings expertise. Everseal Coatings ensures your needs are understood, the right floor is customized for your area, the right crew is assigned to your project, and that all the pieces necessary for a successful flooring system come together on your project.

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