By Patrick Ugolini, Floor Coatings Specialist and Industry Expert Advisor to EverSeal Coatings

In the world of floor coatings installation, quality is key. The longevity, durability, and
appearance of your floor depend largely on the skill and commitment of the crew handling the project. The success of any installation project hinges on the crew’s ability to take ownership and give meticulous attention to detail. Unfortunately, a prevalent quality control problem in the industry stems from companies with the capability to tackle large-scale projects often assigning crews that travel extensively. These crews, living out of hotels and moving from state to state, might not always prioritize the same level of commitment and community connection that smaller, owner-operated outfits do.

The Issue: Crews on the Road vs. Local Commitment

Smaller, community-focused flooring companies typically excel in areas such as customer relationships, high-quality standards, and a genuine stake in the outcome of each project. They are deeply invested in their communities and are more likely to receive repeat projects, local referrals, and word-of-mouth business development. However, they might lack the infrastructure required for extensive travel and nationwide projects. This situation presents a conundrum:

How can we combine the best aspects of both local, community-driven crews and large-scale installation capabilities?

This is where EverSeal Coatings comes into play. We’ve set out to address this inherent issue within the industry by creating a network of certified installation partners that spans the entire United States. Our approach utilizes local crews paired with skilled project managers, all backed by a centralized team of experts in quality control, project management, and installation support.

The Solution: Local Expertise with Nationwide Reach

What does this mean for our projects? Essentially, it means we bring you all the advantages of local crews. Our teams genuinely care about the communities they work in and have a higher likelihood of fostering repeat business, local referrals, and a strong local reputation. By not constantly sending crews on the road, we avoid straining resources and ensure daily access to service areas.

However, we also provide large-scale installation capabilities, a project management quality assurance team, and the necessary support and expertise. This fills the gaps that smaller, owner-operated companies might encounter. Our installers are specialized in the product lines and floor systems they work with, ensuring a level of expertise that can sometimes be lacking in smaller outfits.

Our Commitment: Your Success and Quality Floors

At EverSeal Coatings, we’re tackling a major issue in the industry by equipping local service area certified installers with the tools, equipment, resources, and project support necessary to deliver top-notch flooring projects. Our crews care deeply about their local reputation, the outcome of each project, and your success.

Moreover, our crews take ownership of each project. With exclusive service area rights, they have a vested interest in delivering the best possible results. Simply put, our installation teams care more about the quality outcome of your floors than anyone else in the industry. We take more ownership over the success and outcome of each project, ensuring that your investment in concrete coatings yields the best results.

In conclusion, EverSeal Coatings is rapidly emerging as America’s most trusted source for floor coatings projects because we genuinely care about the quality outcome of your floors. Our commitment to local communities, combined with our nationwide reach and specialized expertise, means that we are uniquely positioned to make your flooring project a resounding success. Trust us to bring you the highest quality and the best service in the industry.

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